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dretheroi's Journal

19 October
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ask me what you need to know, and we'll see if I can answer.
'taurs, alligators, alternative, ancient technology, animal transformation, animals, anthro, anthro art, anthro herps, anthroherps, anthromorphs, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthropomorphism, anthropomorphs, anthros, antrhopomorphic art, aquatics, art, avians, bears, biking, biopunk, birds, boars, body horror, body modification, bovines, browser, bulls, canines, centaur, centaurs, cervids, computers, conjoinments, cooking, crocodiles, deer, demons, digimon, dinosaurs, dinosuars, dolphins, donkeys, donnie darko, douglas adams, dragons, equines, fantasy, females, fetish, fiction, fish, flying, furries, furry, furry art, furry artwork, furry herms, furry hyper, furry merge and conjoinment, furry transformations, gadgets, gaming, genetic manipulation, godzilla, growlmon, gryphons, guilmon, hooves, horror, horses, hybrids, hyenas, hyper, hyperfur, kangaroos, koopa, lions, liquid, lizards, lycanthropes, lycanthropy, mad science, mad scientists, males, medical thrillers, merging, minotaurs, monsters, multi-furry, mythology, nagas, online-gaming, orcas, plants, psychological, raptors, reading, reptiles, rhinos, rock, roleplaying, rpg, rping online, scalies, scaly, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, seals, shape shifters, shapeshifters, shapeshifting, snakes, steampunk, sticky liquids, strange, studs, tails, tanuki, tapestries muck, taurs, tendrils, tentacles, the supernatural, thriller, tigers, toxic chemicals, transformation, transformation art, transformation stories, two heads, two-headed, unexplained phenomenon, webcomics, werebears, werebeasts, weredinos, weredragons, wereraptors, werewolves, yiff, zebras